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Cloud Cost Optimization, DevOps, and DR Specialists

We have helped build cloud infrastructure. 

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CloudiDR provides differentiated value to customers due to our experience in building the inside kernels of the cloud. We deliver the absolute best using our inner know-how of cloud marginal costs, forecasting, supply chain operations, data center architecture, storage - server designs, and control plane software. Hence, we always commit to the highest quality of service to our customers.

Dedicated Cloud Cost Optimization Specialist

We provide dedicated cloud cost management expert at a fraction of the cost. Our expert can help your cloud spend by 30%-65%. Unlike others, we take a proactive preventive strategy to cloud costs. Our approach involves;

  • Weekly cloud cost monitoring and optimizations

  • Strategies to scale cost-effectively on cloud

  • Cost management playbook and governance design including best practices for operating efficiently in the cloud

  • A free cost observability and reporting dashboard

  • Forecasting and planning for optimal spend

Disaster Recovery 

We assess customers' disaster recovery posture and deliver a customized disaster recovery report that takes into account the business objectives. 

  • Assessment of customer's current disaster recovery infrastructure and procedures

  • Risk analysis of the ability to operate under cyberattack, ransomware or other impairments.

  • DR improvement recommendations  per regulatory, business.and budgetary mandates.

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