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Discounted Cloud Compute 

Reserve at up to 4x lower cost & 100x uptime.

Your inexpensive "reserved compute" in your favorite cloud

You have backed up your storage and databases, but what about compute servers? How do you guarantee VMs and instances are readily available when you need to spin up applications during failover? Cloud service providers do not guarantee on-demand capacity. Yes, on-demand capacity is NOT GUARANTEED. It can fluctuate wildly and can be un-available when you need it the most. 


Until today, the only option for customers was to reserve, hold, and pay for expensive cloud capacity 24/7 irrespective of usage. CloudiDR's is re-inventing the way the cloud compute can be used for mission critical applications. Critical applications have minutes to be up and running. CloudiDR covers your compute needs for backup, CI/CD pipelines, scaling at discounted rates compared to what you will pay to cloud service providers. Best of all, it is built on top of your preferred cloud providers like AWS, Google cloud, and Azure for total security and peace of mind.


Regulatory Compliance


Satisfy HIPAA and SEC regulatory infrastructure requirements for disaster recovery. Protect business operations against cyberattacks, hardware failures, criminal sabotage, operator errors, and even natural hazards.


Sustainability & Capital Efficiency

We have invented a new way to sustainably lower carbon footprint while reducing the cost of cloud compute by over 4x. Save millions of dollars while making your contributions to a sustainable planet. Save versus paying expensive compute from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. With CloudiDR, there is no additional cost to install or operate any 3rd party cost optimization software.


 100x Resiliency

Get 1 hour or lower of compute RTO with 99.999% availability. Customers can migrate on-premise disaster recovery infrastructure to the cloud (eg. read-only Electronic Health Records). Cloud-native customers can up-level recovery postures with protection against data centers, Availability Zones, and Region failures.



CloudiDR compute integrates with your existing storage backup and replication providers.

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