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A radical new approach to IT Disaster Recovery

According to IDC, an application downtime costs $1M per hour. There is not much that can be done when a natural or man-made disaster strikes. It is then that we need assurance that business continuity will not be impacted, and the business will operate without a hiccup. This is a hard problem to solve, and this is where CloudiDR is making an impact. 

To understand the risks associated with rare events like successful ransomware attacks, power grid failures, fire, control plane failures, or a whole data center region going down, and how these disasters aggregate, we've leveraged the domain knowledge of the centuries-old insurance industry which tackles these problems routinely. Using sophisticated math and engineering control methodologies, we've devised a new way of modeling the resiliency of our computing resources to ensure that CloudiDR has the computing resources when our customers' operations are hit hard by disasters. Based on each client's unique physical location, risk profile, and demand needs, we're able to calibrate our system in a way that takes into consideration the possibility of multiple clients being affected by an event, as well as the independent disaster recovery needs of a single client.

By tackling the hard problem of modeling these risks, we can provide disaster recovery compute capacity at a fraction of the traditional price while creating a more sustainable lower carbon footprint. Learn more on how your organization can benefit from CloudiDR solution.

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