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About Us

We are cloud operators, architects, and builders.

Our Story


To be the central platform that solves the hard challenges of operating in the cloud.


To make it easy and cost-effective to balance cost and reliability in the cloud.

Our Believe:

We believe that the cloud is a foundational technology for the foreseeable future, much like electricity. Its usage should be seamless and effortless, enabling businesses to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure challenges. The ideal customer experience in the cloud should be characterized by ease of access, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Customers should be able to scale their operations effortlessly, without worrying about capacity constraints or unpredictable performance issues. The cloud should provide a robust and resilient environment where resources are readily available, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service. This seamless scalability should come without hidden costs or complex pricing structures, making budgeting straightforward and transparent.


We founded CloudiDR after observing numerous customers struggle with the challenges of achieving this ideal state. Too often, businesses face friction and frustration with imperfect cloud capacity availability. Our mission is to eliminate these obstacles, making it transparent and cost-effective to balance plan ahead with the right balance of cost and reliability in the cloud. 

Our team brings deep technical expertise and extensive experience in building some of the largest cloud infrastructures for the most demanding customers and applications. We are uniquely equipped to tackle these challenges and drive innovation in cloud technology. With CloudiDR, we started with a clean slate and applied advanced mathematical principles to solve the cost and availability challenges in a completely new way. Through this innovative approach, we have redefined the landscape of cloud reliability and efficiency.

Meet The Team


Khursheed Hassan

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CEO & Product

University of Texas at Austin 


Jooyoung Sung

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Software Development 

George Tech


Edward Zhu (PhD) 

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Principal Scientist

University of California Berkeley

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